Literary Criticism

Protonism: Theory into Practice

(Protonizmi: Nga Teoria Në Praktikë)


Gjekë Marinaj - Protonizmi: Nga teoria në praktikë There is a great consistency of poetic vision in Marinaj’s Lutje në ditën e tetë të javës (Prayer on the Eighth Day of the Week). Marinaj’s fans will recognize with pleasure the personal voice and elegant figurative language, both in the long and short poems that are scattered throughout the book. Here is how literary critic Ramadan Musliu puts it for the Poeteka magazine: “Gjekë Marinaj’s poems deal directly with life’s problems. They are instantaneously inspirational, at once lyrical and sensitive, clear and abstract.

He reconciles these extremes by creating equilibrium between opposing ideas, contrasting imagery, and antithetical meanings. Above all, his poems are authentic, singular compositions, uniquely elegant in their motives, figurative style, poetic perception and vividness. His is a verse we must distinguish as first-rate poetry.”