Dr. Afrim A. Rexhepi’s Aisthesis


Dr. Afrim A. Rexhepi’s Aisthesis (Aesthesis) is a collection of essays on aesthetics previously published in literary and scientific journals from 2010 to 2013. The unique element of these original investigations is the deconstructive approach of the author, juxtaposed by a focus on the effectiveness of aesthetics as an indispensable part of text interpretation, without limiting its philosophic and problematic scope.

In addition, Rexhepi’s paradigm tends to recover some of the forgotten epic values in contemporary humanities. He places strong emphasis upon the literary theories of Gjekë Marinaj, and the art of Naim Frshëri, Ismail Kadare, and Ibrahim Kodra. Aisthesis was published in Skopje, Macedonia, in fall of 2013.