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Protonism: The Role of Positive Literary Critiques Power of a Poem The Folk and the Classics Read More...

Protonism: theory into practice

Albanian edition

In 2005, Marinaj started developing his literary theory of "Protonism" in earnest.


The Other Side of the Mirror

Ana Tjetër e Pasqyrës is a collection of the best works by Gjekë Marinaj, selected from the span of Marinaj's journalism career... | more...

The Hour of Peace

Albanian and English edition

Reading these poems, translated into Albanian by Gjekë Marinaj, is like falling into a landscape of surrealism.


Prayer on the Eighth Day of the Week

Albanian edition

There is a great consistency of poetic vision in Marinaj's Prayer on the Eighth Day of the Week... | more...
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Mimoza Rexhvelaj - Vështrim mbi poezinë e Diasporës
Prior to its publication by Fiorentia Press in 2013, Vështrim mbi poezinë e Diasporës: Me poetët Kolec Traboini, Gjekë Marinaj, Fatmir Tereziu (Overview of the Poetry of Diaspora: On Works by Kolec Traboini, Gjekë Marinaj, Fatmir Tereziu) has been presented by Mimoza Rexhvelaj to The University of Shkodra...| more...
Marinaj launched a book in Bucharest, Romania
On August 12, 2013, in a select club in Bucharest, Gjekë Marinaj launched his volume of poetry, The Prisoner of Absence. The poet, a college instructor in Dallas, Texas, and an American resident since 1991, was present to autograph editions for his friends and sympathizers. The publication, an anthology of the Albanian-American...| more...

Afrim Rexhepi - Aisthesis
Dr. Afrim A. Rexhepi's Aisthesis (Aesthesis) is a collection of essays on aesthetics previously published in literary and scientific journals from 2010 to 2013. The unique element of these original investigations is the deconstructive approach of the author...| more...
Shefqet Dibrani - Anatomia e brymës
Anatomia e Brymës (Anatomy of Frost) is an anthology of selected poems by the Albanian poet Shefqet Dibrani. These highly biographical poems, selected and introduced by Gjekë Marinaj, represent Dibrani's lifelong poetic contribution to the world literature...| more...


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